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Duck / Battue Clays

Duck/Battue Clay Targets

Duck / Battue Clays

The Duck, also called a Battue (pronounced Baa-too), is a very shallow-domed target usually thrown in pairs. They fly fast, presenting a very low profile, but have weak aerodynamic properties due to the low dome. The targets quickly reach a stall speed and abruptly rotate 90 degrees, presenting their entire surface area to the shooter. The shooter has only a few seconds to shoot the targets as they quickly plunge to earth. This presentation simulates descending ducks.

Features & Benefits

  • Targets Per Case: 108
  • Description: Fast-flying low-dome clay
    Diameter: 108 millimeters
  • Flight Pattern: Quickly reaches stall speed, rotates
  • 90 degrees, plunges to earth
  • Height: 14 millimeters
  • Weight: 80 grams
  • Emulates: Rapid descent to ground simulates descending duck

25859 RSC Duck
MSRP $21.45

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