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Champion Traps and Targets


Champion Pink Campaign - Protect your eyes and ears while fighting breast cancer. A portion of the proceeds from all pink Champion ear muffs, shooting glasses and shell pouches goes to help find a cure.

Ear Muffs-Electronic

Target Systems

These fully adjustable electronic muffs allow you to hear sounds, yet reduce harmful noise levels, when needed, for superior auditory protection.

Slim Ear Muffs-Passive

Shooting Accessories

These slimmer, sleeker and lighter-weight ear muffs provide a stylish and attractive appearance with excellent hearing protection.

Shooting Glasses

Paper Targets

Champion® presents safe, stylish and practical shooting glasses for youth and adults. The frames come in a variety of colors and feature sharp, image-enhancing lenses available in clear, yellow, orange and smoke tint.

Eyes and Ears Combo

Shooting Gear

We now offer a convenient combination package of shooting glasses paired with sound dampening ear muffs.

Trapshooting Shell Pouches

Target Systems

These convenient and comfortable pouches belt snugly on your hip, allowing for easy access to shells and providing ample room to store empty hulls.

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